Trust your struggle (shadowboxer3_22) wrote in schardcore,
Trust your struggle

fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you; i'm out!

this place is shit. i'm leaving.

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June 3 2005, 20:34:33 UTC 11 years ago

nobody cares, really.
what kind of fag can't even sign his own name?

what a fucking pussy chickenshit little bitch.

Deleted comment

-i'm just sick of people commenting anonomusly. it's cowardly and has been happening to me alot recently. sorry, i didn't mean to use the f-word.

-the subject is a quote from "half baked"

-i'm leaving because i get flyers for every relavant show. or i hear from someone i know. i don't need a buntch of people from nebraska telling me about shows i'll never go to.


June 3 2005, 21:02:59 UTC 11 years ago

my name's michael and i'm not registered with livejournal.

happy now?
my names michael too.

and no, you little lurker, you.
hey my middle name is michael :-P